Sparkle wedding decorations : 5 way to add Some Sparkle to Your Wedding

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Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and everyone wants everything to be perfect at this memorable day in their lives. Why not make your wedding shines as your diamond ring! There are ways to add Some Sparkle to Your Wedding that go beyond the diamond ring on your finger.  Any one of these ideas can create a stunning visual effect sure to put a twinkle in the eyes of your guests.  Here’re 5 ways to make your wedding sparkle that go beyond your diamond ring.

Scattered Crystals

Just as crystals on a wedding gown shimmer under lights, they’ll do the same on your reception tables, especially if you include candles as part of your table décor. Small crystals in colors to match your wedding palette are available in a variety of shapes-hearts, diamonds, squares-and you simply scatter them around buffet-table platters and centerpieces. Fabulous filler for those empty spaces and a finished look for your tables!

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There’s nothing like an awe-inspiring fireworks display to wow your guests and show them exactly what your wedding day means to you! Just be sure to have an experienced pyrotechnics company plan and implement your fireworks. A fireworks expert can tailor the display to match your color scheme and your theme. There’s nothing cooler than having specially designed sparkle to light up the sky-and your once-in-a-lifetime night!

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Here’s another spectacular way to light up your night! Imagine dozens of guests around the dance floor, holding sparklers that shimmer all around you in the dimmed lights at your reception. He takes you in his arms, you look into each other’s eyes and you dance your first dance as husband and wife. And instead of rice, sparklers make a super sendoff as you leave for your honeymoon.

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Custom Lighting

Most of us know them as Christmas lights-long strings of tiny, clear lights that make a Christmas tree sparkle. Many outdoor weddings already use these lights to decorate nearby trees for a fantasy-like ambiance, but with shorter strings of battery-operated lights now available, you can easily add pizzazz indoors, too, with creative lighting designs in your centerpieces, on buffet tables and anyplace else your imagination takes you.

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Silver and Gold Wedding Favors or wedding table numbers

The cool thing about thanking your guests with silver or gold wedding favors is that they sparkle both on your reception tables and in the homes of your guests long after your special day. Look for silver- and gold-finish photo frames, bottle stoppers, place card holders, specialty items and more to brighten up an already-extraordinary day!

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