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If you’re one of our regular visitors to, you’ve no doubt already noticed that folks are really stepping up the wedding invitation game over the last decade. Gone are the days of handwriting invitations or hiring a calligraphy artist for the task. No more simple flat cards with the location and an RSVP of “Check here for the chicken or the fish.” Now, it’s all about “paper suites” that introduce the theme or colour scheme of your wedding ceremony and reception right from the moment your guests open their mailbox.

Paper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invites

Beautiful Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite

Everything is not only colour-coordinated but nowadays a professional, classy paper suite will include custom graphics or motifs that draw the guests’ eyes from the main invitation to the RSVP and all sorts of extras that you can put together to make sure your guests have all the info in their hands. The leader in the wedding invitation industry is Basic Invite, and today we’re showing you just why we love to encourage couples to check them out first to create their own unique wedding invitation.

Paper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invitesPaper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invites

Alright, so let’s say you’re a newly-engaged couple, brainstorming colour or theme ideas. You’ve got a few ideas in your head already, but don’t quite know how to narrow it down to a streamlined design. Take a minute and head over to They’ve got hundreds of invitation designs ranging from timeless and classy (like the Black Tie or Gold Leaf collections), to trendy and hip (like Diamond Foil or Mason Jars & Fireflies.) Going rustic with your theme? Search “rustic” and you’ll get 150 designs in the rustic wedding theme to guide you. Is vintage your thing? Do it – type in ‘vintage,’ ‘retro’ or ‘art deco’ to narrow down how vintage you really want to go!

Wedding Invitation Inspiration | #weddinginvites #invitations #weddinginvitationsPaper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invites

Or, simply narrow down your browsing by your colour preferences and see what their team of professional graphic designers have already created in your colour scheme. Don’t worry – you can mix it up as much as you want because Basic Invite has almost unlimited colour customization. You can pick every single colour manually of each detail from the text to the envelope to the paper, pocket, seal, etc! You can also customize the design itself by requesting changes to a pre-existing motif (i.e. “I like this one but can you change the roses to hearts?”) And, since they offer an instant preview before you order, you can rest assured it’ll be done right. (They’re one of the only online companies to offer that, so take advantage!) Guess what? You can even get a printed sample so you can hold it in your hand, feel the weight, see how the light shines off of it, and make changes before ordering everything.

Paper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invitesPaper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invites

Remember how we mentioned no more hand writing? That goes for your envelope addresses, too. Basic Invite does your hand a favor by offering free envelope address printing – just upload your address book and they’ll do the rest.

Don’t stop at a basic invitation either – don’t let the name fool you! Get coordinated sets that can include: save-the-date, ceremony invitation, direction cards, RSVP cards, accommodation suggestions, registry info cards, thank you cards, menus and more! Don’t forget, your table place cards will be part of your reception décor, so be sure to consider how they will look as part of your table-scaping. What’s more? Basic Invite even has elegant wedding guest books to ensure you have a personalized keepsake from your beautifully-designed big day.

Paper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invitesPaper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invitesPaper suites - Unique Wedding Invitations | #weddinginvites #weddinginvitation #weddinginvitations #invitations #invites

So take our word for it – when it comes to your wedding invitations, make yours truly unique by starting your journey at Basic Invite. See why the wedding invitation trend has taken the world by storm. You won’t want to be left out of the fun, so mix and match their designs with your colour choices and personal style to set the tone for a gorgeous wedding day! Check out lots more of their designs at Basic Invite or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for even more inspiration.

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