Easy Tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses

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Good morning readers!  Have you ever wondered how to choose bridesmaid dresses that complement the bride? A lot of thought goes into choosing bridesmaids dresses. After all, the kind of wedding dress a bride chooses to wear greatly influences the choice of bridesmaid dresses. It’s the bridesmaids who accompany the bride and take care of her needs as she walks down the aisle on her D-day.  A bridesmaid dress should be such that it should not overshadow the bride’ wedding gown or be in complete contrast to bridal dress. Here are some easy tips to help you pick the perfect dresses for your girls:

Choosing a fabric

When choosing a fabric, don’t necessarily go for satin Look for fabrics like chiffon, silk crepe or silk chiffon.

Tips choosing the right bridesmaids dresses | itakeyou.co.uk


Don’t make the attire a head to toe matching

You can try mix and match of various colors, this will make your bridesmaid comfortable and give them an opportunity to look and feel their best.

Easy Tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses| itakeyou.co.uk


Let each girl pick a shade

Let your bridesmaids choose the colour that suits their complexion and figure. If the girls are fond of purple, then try lilac, lavender, plum or purple bridesmaid dresses, these will look very dreamy.


lilac bridesmaids dresses | itakeyou.co.uk

Choose a shade according to your wedding theme

If your wedding is at a beach, choose blue as your color. Blue bridesmaid dresses will complete the look and are ideal for a party at the ocean.

Blue bridesmaids dresses | itakeyou.co.uk


Add some flowers

You can also use flowers to add on to your bridesmaids gown. This is simple and an elegant way you can customize their bouquets and make them feel special. If you have to select colors as per your wedding theme, you can choose the same flower in various shades or mix and match several flowers and shades.


Don’t forget to choose the right accessories for your bridesmaids

Accessories are very essential to complement the bridesmaid’s dresses you have selected. Check flirty satin belts or silk scarves. Pretty beaded clutches give bridesmaids’ an option to store their must haves. If you’re having outdoor wedding, chiffon or satin wraps are elegant add-ons, for a final touch, turn to jewellery, necklaces or quirky charm bracelets make great attendant gifts for your bridesmaids.

Choosing the right bridesmaids dresses | itakeyou.co.uk


Photo :  Pastel Bridesmaids dresses  : Donna Morgan  | Gold bridesmaids : Weddington Way  |  lilac bridesmaids dresses from twobirds Bridesmaid  : Jessi Caparella | blue bridesmaids : composingreality | Yvette Roman Photography

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