Eva Lendel Wedding Dresses Santorini Campaign { Modern, trendy, vogue Wedding Dresses }

Modern, trendy, vogue, and trailblazing are all words that Eva Lendel uses to describe the brides that wear the gowns in her Santorini Campaign. She definitely has my attention! Looking through this new collection, I am seeing a trend for every style ・they are definitely not a one-trick pony over at Eva Lendel! What do I mean? Well, for example, if you’re into the new bohemian, check out the Britany and the Brooke: floral details, a touch of colour, and and overall wispy quality that would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature. Prefer an uber-contemporary figure-flatterer? Say hello to Bler, a gown with a plunging neckline and ultra-sexy silhouette. If vintage is your thing, the Antonio channels an art deco vibe with cool designs built right into the overlay. Or, if you are a drama-queen and are looking for any way to stand out stylishly, there are several gowns like the Taylor and Maya that have dramatic overskirts and lace details that are perfect for a chic-but-unconventional bride! A round of applause to Eva Lendel for sharing these artistic talents with the world for all our trailblazing brides-to-be!

Sleeveless deep v neckline embellishment sheath wedding gown #weddingdress #weddinggown #weddings

For more info please visit : evalendel.com/santorini-campaign


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