How to create the perfect gift list

How to create the perfect gift list - Wedding gift list ideas at Prezola | I take you #weddinggifts

Creating a gift list is one of the enjoyable parts of wedding planning that you can really have fun with. After all, it’s basically shopping for all the things you’ve wanted for ages, but without the payment! To make sure nothing is missed, here are our top tips for creating the perfect gift list:

Don’t be shy – Though gift lists are a very traditional part of weddings, it’s not uncommon to feel weird about it. Remember what it was like when you were a wedding guest; family and friends want to buy you presents, and if there’s no gift list, they feel awkward about what to buy and how much to spend. It’s better to take charge and give options rather than leaving guests in the dark.

Think about your needs – If you’re living together, chances are you’ll already have the basics. Many couples use gift lists as a chance to upgrade interiors bought on the cheap after university to pieces that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, go for a Honeymoon Fund where your guests can pitch in to your romantic getaway. Remember that it’s about the new life you and your partner will have together after the wedding, so think about items that both of you will want.

How to create the perfect gift list - Wedding gift list ideas at Prezola | I take you

All about the essentials – If you’re not already living together, we have just the thing. Our new Essential Collection has everything you need to build up your home without the big price tag. From saucepans and ironing boards to toothbrush holders and laundry bags, you can get it all sorted at once. Affordable and stylish!

Reflect your style – It’s all about you so make sure the gifts you choose reflect your personal style as a couple. Your guests will love getting you a gift where they feel “that is so them!” If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards which cover everything from Bohemian Cool to Scandinavian Haven

Choices, choices – Your guests will want to buy you a gift that also reminds you of them. Provide different options that stand out so you’ll be able to look at the gift and remember who it was that sent it. Don’t forget to choose affordable and luxury items so it’s accessible to every budget.

How to create the perfect gift list - Wedding gift list ideas at Prezola | I take you

No need to rush – Don’t feel as though creating your gift list should be done all in one go, we recommend starting 3-4 months before the wedding so there’s plenty of time to pick what you’d like, add the list to your invites and give guests time to purchase the gifts.

Be inspired – If you’re still stuck on where to start, we have plenty of inspiration lists on the Prezola website, just in case you want to have a sneak peek at the gifts guest bloggers and designers have chosen. We add new inspiration boards on our Pinterest every week to give ideas for your own gift list. View products that reflect your style with trends such as metallicscountry chicfloral fantasies and more.

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