Wedding candy buffet ideas + Things to know about wedding candy buffet

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One of the latest trends in wedding is having a candy buffet bar. Designed well, the candy buffet bar can also double as a wedding reception decoration. Your wedding candy buffet can be lovely to look at and a sweet addition to your reception. It takes some coordination, planning and creativity and there will be something for everybody’s sweet tooth. Here are some candy buffet ideas that can help you.

Wedding candy buffet ideas { wedding sweet tables }


Wedding candy bar ideas

You can consider your wedding colour as the theme of your candy bar. This is great because it will complement everything you prepared like your flowers, table runners and even your cake. You do not need to worry about the shape of your candies because it is only the colour that you need to focus on. Coordinated colours are easier on the eyes than random colours. The danger though is that having too much of the same thing, or in this case colour, maybe a bit of a bore or to some maybe even irritating.

There are really a lot of candy buffet ideas that you can use depending on your interests or personalities. But the planning for the candy buffet bar does not end after you have selected the central theme.

Photo : Taryn Baxter Photography via June wedding

Wedding candy buffet ideas

a cupcake stand filled with cupcakes
ice cream sorbet

Key lime pies

Strawberry tarts
Lemon tarts
Fruit crumbles
Lots of homemade pies and cakes

Lemon meringue
M&Ms or similar chocolate candies
Jelly Beans
Chocolate kisses
Rock Candy
Foil chocolate hearts

For a simpler look, display the candy in tiers to create a visually attractive and appetizing table. This is also a table space saver then decorate the candy table with colour themed linens and perhaps tie bows around the scoop handles, utilize minimalist place cards that describe what each candy is.


How much wedding sweet do i need for my sweet buffet?

This is where candy gets a little tricky. While other desserts such as cake and cupcakes are easily portioned, other treats…not so much. So, unlike the baker telling you exactly how many pieces one cake can deliver, you’re going to have to do the math yourself. It would be a fair assumption that each guest could consume up to ½ a pound of candy, so depending on the head count you can figure out how much you’ll need in total.

What kind of containers should I use?

Don’t be afraid to get creative – You can use ceramic bowl, martini glasses, science beakers, glass cookie jars, and large scale champagne flutes all make chic and unique containers.

For example you can use glass jars filled with sweets and lollypops
Glass beverage servers filled with:

alcoholic punch
homemade lemonade
homemade mint lemonade
belvoir fruit farms cordials
lynchburg lemonade cocktails
pina colada cocktail
Apple martini cocktail
Raspberry and watermelon martinis

Do I need a scoop for every container?

Make sure that each type of candy has the correct scoop or tongs to fit the bowl, jar or other containers. If the candy is wrapped a scoop is not necessary.

Candy buffets can be simple or can be very lavish. This part of your wedding could be a bit on the decadent side but there are budget options as well, depending on what options you’re most interested in.

And remember to mix and match – some people like chocolate while others love fruity so make sure to stock up on both.

At the end of the day, whatever design you choose, what is important is that your guests will enjoy scooping their own candies to bring home.






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