7 of the Best Coffee-themed Wedding Favours

Here to inspire your wedding favour contemplation is a great list of uniquely-themed ideas to send your guests home feeling warm and fuzzy this winter wedding season. While the temperatures drop outside, keep your guests cozy by utilizing hot coffee as a theme for their favours. Furthermore, coffee favours can add warmth in aroma and colour to the atmosphere. Ranging from inexpensive to luxurious, we’ve got a great list of 7 ways to gift coffee at your affair no matter what your budget or personal style:

7 of the Best Coffee-themed Wedding Favours

1. Personalized coffee sachets and spoons

Fill burlap sachets with your favourite grounds and tie it closed with a ribbon coordinated to your wedding’s colour palette. Add a customized coffee or tea spoon with a favourite phrase or the couple’s initials like the ones from Jessica N Designs. Not only will the burlap add a charming rustic touch to your décor, but the coffee aroma will subtly seep out of the sachets and add another dimension to your event!

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2. Coordinated coffee cups or mugs

A simple coffee cup filled with coffee beans, wrapped in cellophane and tied with colour-coordinated ribbons are a charming and useful favour. For sleek contemporary looks, use pure white or pick one of your wedding colours. Or, match cups to your theme – find vintage or antique teacups or elegant designs that coordinate your wedding theme by either rummaging antique stores or use an online wholesaler like Roses & Teacups  to keep costs to a minimum.

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3. Gourmesso coffee capsules

For the capsule coffee-drinkers, tuck a handful of different flavored capsules in a sachet ,bag or mason jar. gourmesso.co.uk offers Nespresso-compatible capsules in 25 unique blends at a third of the price, making this an affordable and useful favour option. Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

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4. Luxury coffee scoops

For the serious coffee enthusiasts, give a gift that will start every cup of coffee off with a luxurious scoop. Coffee scoops come in a wide range of materials and shapes, from ceramic to marble to chrome and wood and even heart-shaped, like this one from hauslondon.com ( image below ) an impeccably designed bag closer and measuring spoon in one. So find a scoop that fits your theme best and tie a colour-coordinated ribbon to it with a little thank-you note. Photo via

Best Coffee-themed Wedding Favours - Coffee Scoops wedding favors | itakeyou.co.uk #wedding #weddingfavors #favors #weddingfavors #coffeefavors

5. Coffee cakes or biscotti

A perfect compliment to a great cup of coffee – coffee cakes or the Italian coffee cookie known as biscotti. If your budget permits, you could even bake it yourself we found a lovely recipe cranberry & Lemon and Rosemary Biscotti from eatwisconsincheese.com ( image below ) or have a local baker custom create some mini coffee cakes and package them with your wedding colours. Or, for a low-hassle option, order customized biscotti from BiscottiEtc.com  or eWeddingFavors.com, complete with colour coordinated frosting and boxes!

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6. Chocolate-covered espresso beans

These little bursts of flavor can also provide a pop of caffeine for your guests. Available at many grocers or candy retailers such as AproposRoasters, you can tie them into a burlap sachet or in a mini mason jar tied with ribbon.

Best Coffee-themed Wedding Favours - Chocolate-covered espresso beans | itakeyou.co.uk #wedding #weddingfavors #favors #weddingfavors #coffeefavors

7. Mocha-scented candles

A caffeine-free alternative, candles scented with coffee or mocha can offer your guests an aromatic home or office that will last weeks after you’ve said “I do.” Fortunately, these can be found in a variety of price points from retailers like this one from Mill Valley Candleworks or Yankee Candle, Inc or Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Coffee-themed Wedding Favours | itakeyou.co.uk #weddingfavors #wedding #favors #weddingfavours #coffeefavors

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