The Best Man wedding role,duties responsibilities

The Best Man wedding role,duties responsibilities

The best man is selected by the groom and is most often the best friend of the groom or big or little brothers or old child hood friends. Don’t just choose someone who’s bound to be the life and soul of the party!

The duties of the best man include carrying the ring , taking the bridegroom to the wedding , help the groom choose the ushers, make announcements at the reception and making sure that the groom arrives on time, looking smart. The best man will arrange the stag party and look after the groom. He’ll also instruct the ushers in their duties. He’ll return all hired outfits on behalf of the newlyweds.

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The Best Man’s Duties – Checklist

4-6 months prior

  • Provide planning assistance with the groom, bride and chief bridesmaid as needed.
  • Help the groom choose the ushers, and work with them to understand their duties.

1-2 months prior

  • Organise the stag party and make arrangements for participants, venue, etc.
  • Work on the reception speech.
  • Finalise any special seating arrangements for family members and/or friends and communicate these to the ushers.
  • Make arrangements for tuxedos or suits, and follow up to make sure groom, ushers and bride’s and groom’s fathers have gone for fittings.

Week of the Ceremony

  • Make sure arrangements are made for pickup and drop-off of tuxedos/suits.
  • Make final adjustments to reception speech.
  • Attend wedding rehearsal.
  • Finalise duties and explain to ushers.

Day of the Ceremony

  • Make sure groom arrives on time and help him to stay calm.
  • Check that ushers are following protocol for seating guests.
  • Stand with groom and hold rings until needed during ceremony.
  • Escort chief bridesmaid from ceremony and into reception.
  • Greet guests in reception lines.
  • Dances with the maid of honour.
  • Make speech and toast during reception.

Day after the Wedding

  • Return all hired outfits on behalf of the newlyweds.


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