7 Bridal Beauty Tips Before Big Day

Your wedding day has finally come. Now it’s time to primp and make yourself beautiful for that eventful walk down the aisle.  There are a few things brides will want to avoid on their wedding day, or the night before for that matter. Since every bride’s goal is usually to look beautiful on their special day, there are certain things to avoid that would do nothing but sabotage your efforts of, well, looking good.

Bridal Beauty Tips Before Big Day

1. Do not get experimental with your make-up the day of your wedding. This will usually only cause unnecessary stress and make you look…weird. More importantly, you do not want the stress of having experiments blow up in your face, so to speak.

2. Do not, I repeat do NOT do any facials, dermatology-related work, or do anything that involves your face the day of your wedding. Let’s also just add in the day before your wedding, and to be on the safe side several days before your wedding! No facial peels. No picking zits. No, no, no.

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3. For that matter do not lay out in the sun up to a week before your wedding unless you can make darn sure you won’t be creating any tan or burn lines. I’ve seen brides have to wear their dresses with tan lines and it really distracts from the dress.

4. Do not stay out all night and skip your sleep–no bride wants baggy, red eyes. One of the best things you can do to enhance your beauty the day of your wedding is to get a full night of sleep.

5. Do NOT use any self-tanners the day of your wedding. What happens if something doesn’t work out quite the way you expected it to? Can you imagine wearing your wedding dress and looking orange. You know that orange will just get accentuated by the white dress. Don’t even go there.

6.Do not get drunk the night before. A hangover on your wedding day will be no bueno. Not only will you feel crumby, but it will often give you bloodshot eyes and dampen your natural beauty.

7. Do not think more is better in terms of your wedding. If anything a more natural look will be better. There is nothing worse than a bride with caked on make-up when she doesn’t normally wear it that way. A good rule of thumb is to pick a few of your features to highlight and accentuate, like your eyes and lips.


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