Maid of Honour wedding role,chief bridesmaid duties responsibilities

Maid of Honour wedding role,chief bridesmaid duties responsibilities

The bride’s chief attendant at her wedding is the maid of honour or matron of honour. Maid of honour is use for unmarried lady, while matron of honour is use for married lady.

The maid of honour may be your big or little sister, a child hood friends or someone special who shall willingly take on all of the responsibilities of this position and take some of the stress and pressure off of you. She will be just like your right-hand during this very special but sometimes unnerving time. You should be able to count on your maid of honour when you need her as you prepare for your wedding. Make sure that you choose a dependable person, calm, organized and make your choice wisely.

Her duties consist of much more than just standing beside you as a witness for your wedding and holding your bouquet. Here are some of the duties of the maid of honour.

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The Chief Bridesmaid’s Duties

4-6 months prior

  • Provide planning assistance with the groom, bride and best man as needed.
  • Help the bride choose the bridesmaids, and work with them to understand their duties.
  • Help the bride choose dresses for her attendants.

1-2 months prior

  • Organise the hen night party and make arrangements for participants, venue, etc.
  • Work on reception speech.

Week of the Ceremony

  • Work with bride on any last-minute arrangements (flowers, cake, decorations, etc.).
  • Make final adjustments to reception speech.
  • Attend the wedding rehearsal.

Day of the Ceremony

  • Arrive early to help the bride get ready for the wedding ceremony.
  • Help organise hair, makeup, etc. for bride and bridesmaids.
  • Arrange the bride’s train and veil, before she walks down the aisle.
  • Stand with the bride during the ceremony.
  • Hold the groom’s ring and will also hold bride’s wedding bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Greet guests in reception lines.
  • Make a speech and toast during the reception.

Day after the Wedding

  • Return hire bride’s wedding dress or take the wedding dress back at the bride’s home
  • Take care of all the possessions and gifts and transport them to the place assigned by the bride.


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