Choosing wedding florist,wedding flowers

Follow these guidelines for choosing a fabulous floral designer.

Start search wedding flowers early.

Popular florists are often booked up to a year in advance, so don’t delay your search. Begin researching by checking with recently married friends for their recommendations. You might also want to ask around at reception venues for names of florists the staff has worked with who might suit your tastes.

Choosing wedding florist,wedding flowers

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Ask the florist.

Once you have contenders, narrow your list by posing some questions. Has she worked at your location before? Which flowers will be in season? What does she suggest for your style and budget? The answers will help you make a decision.

Discuss your ideas.

When you’ve hired a florist, show her magazine pictures you’ve collected of arrangements you like and those you don’t, and discuss options. Give her a photo of your dress, as your gown can establish the tone for the event. Also provide swatches from your bridesmaids’ dresses, so the bouquets will complement them.

Consider costs.

Be honest about your budget. Your florist should be able to provide floral options within your financial limits that won’t compromise your style.

Read the fine print.

Your contract should include itemized costs for the flowers, plus acceptable substitutes in case the ones you want aren’t available for any reason. It should also specify when and where the flowers will arrive and who will set them up.


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