Choosing flowers for wedding bouquet and wedding flower arrangements

When choosing anything, not just wedding flowers, you want to make sure that the final product is built to last. In the case of wedding flowers you want them to look fresh and vibrant from the opening church ceremony to after the last dance at the wedding reception. There are many options when it comes to looking for beautiful flowers. Here’s guide to help you start off – choosing flowers for wedding bouquet and wedding flower arrangements.

Choosing flowers for wedding bouquet and wedding flower arrangements

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What is your personal style?

Are you a classic, bohemian, beach or glamorous bride? Use Your Style to find the right bouquets and décor for your wedding.

Choosing flowers for wedding bouquet – Total picture
Give your florist photos of your wedding dress, swatches of bridal party attire to match colours, the age of the flower girl to help determine what she can carry, photos of the tuxedos, and the colour of the attire that will be worn by the mothers of the bride and groom.

Colour code
Figure out a colour scheme, which can range from monochromatic to varied and subtle whites to vibrant colours. If you’re stuck, choose hues that complement not contrast wit the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

Choose seasonal hues
Rich ambers, oranges and reds complement fall weddings, while silver, gold and cranberry suit winter affairs perfectly. Pale pink, blue and green work well for spring weddings, and rich beach colours or citrus hues work well for summer soirees.

Match the mood
Choose blooms that match the formality of your wedding. Daisies work perfectly for a casual outdoor wedding, while lush roses give a formal tone.

Stay open-minded
If you’ve found a florist who understands your style and can replicate arrangements that match your vision, trust him or her to know what will work best.

Figure flattery
Don’t choose flowers that will overwhelm your figure. Petite brides should pick smaller arrangements, while taller women can carry more robust bouquets.

Family ties
Consider honouring your mother or grandmother by carrying the same blooms she did on her wedding day.

Fancy flourishes
Go beyond the traditional bouquet by choosing embellishments such as gemstones, feathers, fruits and vegetables.



Subtle Scents
If you’re getting married in a hot climate or small space, choose less-fragrant flowers such as asters, dahlias and many orchids. Avoid tuberose, freesia and gardenias.

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