Do I Need A Gift List?

Looking around your home you might be thinking ‘Is there anything I need as a gift?’ or perhaps you’re worried about what your guests might think if you ask for gifts. If you’ve ever been a wedding guest in the past, you may have worried what gift to buy if the topic hasn’t been brought up. Guests are left to wonder ‘Do I need to buy a gift? What are others buying?’. Wedding etiquette states that you should have a gift list to help guests. Friends and family want to buy you a gift to celebrate your marriage and would most likely buy one, even if you told them not to.

There are plenty of advantages to having a wedding gift list that you may not have realised. With Prezola, there aren’t any rules and you can choose anything you like; we encourage couples to reflect their style with gifts too. So what could be holding you back?

1. I don’t need anything for the home since we’ve lived together for ages.
Wedding gifts are brilliant for updating old decor with items that you’ve always wanted. KitchenAid, Dyson and Sonos are all popular brands on Prezola because couples wouldn’t normally be able to afford them. If there’s nothing you’d like for the home, Prezola’s honeymoon fund can help pay for your romantic getaway. For a one-off fee of £59, couples can upgrade to a Premier Plus Account and access everything they could want for a wedding gift list.

2. I’d like a honeymoon fund but I feel awkward asking for money…
Don’t be shy about asking for money, your guests will love to be able to help you on your way as newlyweds. To be a bit more subtle with asking, Prezola’s cash gifts have labels such as ‘romantic dinner for two’ or ‘couples spa day’ so guests feel they’re contributing to something specific. At the end, couples receive 100% of the cash in your bank account to spend as you wish.

3. I don’t want guests to feel they have to spend a lot.
Each guest probably has their own budget when it comes to wedding gifts. With over 30,000 items to choose from, Prezola recommends adding gifts at all budgets. Your parents may want to buy a high-priced item (like those Mauviel copper saucepans you had your eye on!) and friends can go for something smaller like a print or tableware items. Feel free to go for high-ticket items though as friends can join together and buy one big item you really want.

4. I’m so unorganised, I won’t remember who gave me what for thank you notes.
It can be tough for even the most organised person to keep track of who sent which present, Prezola sends you a list of all the presents and names in your delivery so there’s no need to worry or match up handwriting.

5. I don’t want any extra costs, my wedding is expensive enough as it is!
No one likes extra costs, which is why Prezola is completely free with free delivery and free gift list cards. If you’re going for a honeymoon fund, there’s a small one-off fee of £59 to cover transaction fees, but there’s no commission, no third party ties and you get 100% of the money into your bank account (plus the money is insured for free too!).

If you have any other gift list queries, Prezola’s friendly customer services team is always happy to help! You can call them on 0800 488 0082 or email Visit their website and register for free today and check out their gorgeous gifts available for wedding gift lists, including big brands such as The White Company, Le Creuset and Habitat.

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