Garden wedding ideas,Garden wedding decorations ideas

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Garden wedding ideas,Garden wedding decorations ideas

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Flowers and paper leaves accessorize hurricanes. After making the blossom, affix to decorative ribbon and wrap around hurricane vases

Cast a warm glow from above. A midsummer night’s meal at an outdoor reception is served on the lawn under tall maple trees strung with lanterns hanging on chains from strong branches. Small and large, these lamps hold ivory tapers, their bases disappearing in a thick layer of fresh, fragrant rose petals.

Diminutive gum-paste birds, their markings painted with petal dust, search for treats — flecks of vanilla bean used to flavour fondant snow. Birch twigs circle the cake, their tips wrapped in floral tape. A cake board concealed by fondant sits between the bottom tier and tree-trunk base. Make sure to remove birds and twigs before serving.

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The bouquet – giant dahlias are punctuated by round green proteas, pale-emerald calla lilies, and midnight-black chocolate cosmos.

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This dark wooden stand was probably meant to display postcards, but here functions as a seating chart

Bride illustrated cards listing the ingredients of each drink, and hung them next to the bar.

The drinks, Glasses of white-peach sangria are garnished with blackberries and peaches.

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The letterpress wedding stationery takes its inspiration from the garden. Save-the-date dials reveal teasers about the impending day when rotated — their floral images, as well as those on the invitations and reply postcards, are clip art. Plain stickers, hand-stamped with monograms, serve as envelope seals. Store-bought cards (bottom) are used as thank-you notes.

Favours , Egglings — tiny planters filled with seeds of herbs like parsley and basil — make fitting favours for an affair that values gardening, cooking, and sharing the fruits of one’s labour.

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