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Teal and Copper Autumn Wedding Colour: just got engaged,What to do after getting engaged |I take you UK wedding blog

2. Wedding Style

You are probably asking yourself: Where do I begin to narrow down my options and choose the right wedding style? Whether it’s large or small wedding, be creative and look at all that is available to you to make sure you have selected according to your needs and desires. There are items you can obtain to fit perfectly into any theme, your personal style and for any budget. Check out here are tons of creative wedding colour and wedding theme ideas to see how to add more style to your special day. It certainly helps to start with inspiration. Search begin!

Dark Blue,Brown and Orange Wedding
Champagne Wedding Colour
● Winter Wedding colours
● Vintage Garden Wedding Theme
Jewel Tone Wedding Theme


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  • Thanks for this very helpful guide – it’s so easy to forget something crucial when planning a wedding!

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