Love Is Bliss When We Kiss

Love is bliss when we kiss by Andrew is a an original, sweet little poem. It is about the moment you first find you are going to be parents. The emotion of joy mixed in love and a feeling your finally going to be a family. A moment like this is hard to describe, a moment filled with absolute excitement.

Love is blind refers to the unborn child, followed by its a happy ever after, because in your heart you know the laughter and joy it will bring. The love you share together for a little person who’s not quite there. 😊

Love Is Bliss When We Kiss

Love is bliss when we kiss, love poem, wedding poem

Photo : Nathan Dumlao

“Love is bliss when we kiss,

Always after laughter,

Never mind our love is blind,

 It’s a happy ever after.”

-AI Moffat

Its difficult to put into words emotions, especially of love. And sometimes the word “love” does not seem to mean enough.


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