A love knot by Frances Nagle { Civil wedding reading }


A Love Knot by Frances Nagle wedding reading

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.

Simone Signoret (French actress)

Picture hundreds, thousands, of threads,

as long as love is.

For instance, picture kindness – how smoothly it unfurls

when people care as much about each other as themselves.

Picture gentleness: when times are less than easy

a reassuring stream of soothing words.

And respect, the essence of being a partner,

each one delighting in the other.

And look at the joys and trials of being parents,

the challenge none of us is prepared for;

imagine the tough, flexible fibres

that nurturing a child together can create.

And see laced around and through and everywhere

diamond-twinkling filaments of laughter.

These profound, priceless connections start so simply –

with a smile, perhaps, or admiring glance.

Picture again these hundreds, thousands, of threads

as long as love is; longer than life.

Today a knot is being tied

in the strands that ………… and …………

have started to spin out together.

English Country Wedding - A love knot by Frances Nagle { Civil wedding reading }


Thank you very much Frances for sending this beautiful reading over to us, we love to share this beautiful reading to our readers.

This poem was written for the marriage ceremony of the poet’s son and is particularly appropriate where a couple have lived together for some time before their wedding.

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