Try Not To Laugh

Try not to laugh at our funny wedding readings which can soften the formality of your wedding. A little humour is a unique way to allow your guests to relax and feel more in tune with your excitement. It can also help you feel more comfortable in the decorum of your big day. Laughter is after all quite contagious and can unite your congregation and alleviate fatigue associated with customary rituals. A touch of light hearted,  funny poetry or even an extract from a book or film, can often instil a lasting memory. Sharing your sense of humour as a couple also allows your guests to see the funny, natural side of your personality.

Try not to laugh too much.

We have carefully selected 22 of some of the most hilarious wedding readings for you to read and enjoy. The great news is that you don’t have to be the ones that have to read it out aloud, especially in front of so many people. Be bold, be wild, be daring and select your victim carefully, ‘ha ha!’  After all it doesn’t hurt to put someone else in the limelight to allow you a moment to breathe or scratch that nagging spot.

No! . . . I didn’t mean him, you’ve only just met. I mean married or maybe about to? It’s OK! I know a good lawyer.’

‘Enjoy your big day it is something you’ve been planning for a long time, I hope?’

‘Unless it was love at first sight and he’s absolutely loaded. That would be good, but either way it’s important you have an amazing time. It cost enough I bet? Yes I know it’s not about the money, well I’m not entirely sure. I borrowed me Grannies wedding dress and she was only 4ft tall, saved an absolute fortune. I did expose myself a bit, but you know fashion and I pulled it off. Actually I nearly did because it was so blooming old.’

‘Well if you want my advice, make sure you select as much funny wedding reading as possible, especially if you are borrowing your Grannies wedding dress, it’ll give you time to hide a few tears and some of that embarrassment.’ 🙂

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22 Funny Wedding Readings that’ll make you try not to laugh