12 Money saving tips for weddings

I’ve enjoyed many weddings in my time and so I know how expensive they can be for those organising it. With some Weddings pushing into the 5 and even 6 figure territory it is easy to see how many couples are looking to find cheaper alternatives. It doesn’t have to be that expensive. The most important thing is being able to spend your special day with the people who you love and care about, right?

To cut down on costs look at these 12 Money saving tips for weddings, without having to compromise on elegance. From the venue to the food and to asking friends to help out to mucking in yourself, the idea of pulling off a wedding like this is very appealing and definitely rewarding.

1. Wedding Dresses

Look for a wedding dress from someplace else besides a local wedding dress store. There are plenty of other options for buying a wedding dress such as a department store’s special occasion dresses as well as designer’s trunk shows.

Money saving tips for weddings

Botanical wedding inspiration Photo by: Anushé Low


Money saving tips for weddings

Whimsical Spring wedding photo by : Jessica Gold Photography  | Dress : BHLDN


Money saving tips for weddings

Neutral La Rio Mansion Wedding Inspiration photo by : Mint Photography  | Dress : Blush Bridal Lounge


2. Consider cheap wedding invitations:

As stated before, don’t go for expensive invitations or engraving. Regular printed work will do just fine. Remember that nobody saves wedding invitation, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money into something that will be tossed out too soon, don’t you?

wedding invitations

Boho Chic Wedding Inspiration | Photo : Fab Mood


pretty wedding invitation  - saving tip on wedding invitations

Pretty mint, pink and brown invites by Howl Creative Co. Etsy Shop  | Photo : This Love of Yours – thisloveofyours.com/

wedding invitation

Rustic Summer Wedding | Photo : Fab Mood

3. Choose from the jewelry pieces

Choose from the jewelry pieces you already have instead of buying something new for your wedding. If you don’t have anything to wear that goes with your wedding dress style then shop at a consignment store or look for costume jewelry pieces at department stores and boutiques. No one has to know that your pearl earrings aren’t real pearls.

something blue wedding - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding jewelry

Let your bracelet double as a fun pop of color | Photo by Taylor Barnes Photography


Bridal necklace - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding jewelry

Photo: The*Reason


Bridal necklace - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding jewelry

Photography: White Loft Studio


Bridal jewelry - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding jewelry

Italian Wedding Photography by Landon Jacob Productions | Jewelry by So Pretty Jewelry


4. Wedding Cake

Everyone needs a little cake sometimes. If you want everyone to get a piece of your wedding cake consider ordering a simple one or 2 layer cake and then also having a sheet cake in the back that can be cut up as well and served to the guests. If you go with a smaller simpler cake it can save you over £100

money saving tips for wedding on wedding cake



Money saving tips for weddings on wedding cake

Bohemian Countryside Wedding Ideas Naked Sponge Cake Fruit Flowers : Frankee Victoria

Naked wedding cake with fresh strawberries - Saving tip on wedding cake

Naked cake with fresh strawberries. Photography by mariewoottonphotography.co.uk


Naked wedding cake - so pretty

Raspberry + Gold Wedding at The Villa Photo by Kelly Dillon Photography

5. DIY Centerpieces & Decorations

Make your own centerpieces, and other decorations. There are plenty of DIY decorations that look awesome. Head to your local craft store and get some inspiration or shop at a wedding decorations store online in the clearance section.

DIY Centerpieces & Decorations

Photography : Caroline Frost Photography

DIY wedding centerpieces

Photography : Julie Paisley Photography

DIY wedding centerpieces

Whimsical DIY Coastal Wedding Photo by We Are The Mitchells

6. Wedding car

Savings can also be made by not hiring that costly limousine and rather using a friend’s car; given a appropriate washing and polish it can work as a great substitute. Money saved since it was a inexpensive wedding can be used productively; typically if the couple is setting up to buy a residence!

Money saving tips for weddings on wedding cars

Photography by The Robertsons

wedding car

Italian wedding Photo by Velvetine Photography

7. Trim your wedding guests list

What’s the point on inviting people you haven’t talked in the last three years? Remember that every time you add a name to your guests’ list, you are also adding up on your wedding budget.

Outdoor wedding - wedding guests

Outdoor Art Gallery Wedding in Miami Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

8. Wedding coordinator

Choosing a venue that comes with extras built in, like a wedding coordinator. All those extras can add up to thousands you won’t have to spend.

lighting and amazing backdrop

Whimsical Brooklyn Wedding | Photo : Feather and Twine Photography

9. Wedding photographer

Make sure you look your best. A good photographer can get extremely expensive. So if you have a certain photographer that you really like their style but can’t afford their price tag you can always check and see if they have an assistant that would be available to shoot your pictures for your wedding.

wedding photography

English Country Garden Wedding Photo by WOOKIE Photography


10. Wedding shoes

Buy shoes that you’ll actually wear again after the wedding — something you likely won’t do with white heels

something blue wedding shoes

Blue suede shoes. Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  Photography: Agaton Strom – agatonstrom.com

wedding shoes

Photography: Le Secret D’Audrey – lesecretdaudrey.com

11. Think out of the expensive wedding venue

Pick a venue that already has a chic look. Restaurants are usually the best option. They have gorgeous tables and chairs, and the decor is often easy to fall in love with. You’ll save an absolute bundle.

wedding venue

Whimsical London Warehouse Wedding Photo by Jodie Chapman Photography

Blush wedding ideas - Blush Pink Chair Sash

Photography : Heather Cook Elliott Photography

12. Wedding favors.

If you have any creative abilities, you may wish to thank your guests with something which you have made yourself. It need not be a grand gift; if it is made with love, it will show. You can do anything from making jam to creating your own candles.

jam favors - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding favors

Pink & Gold Dinner Party | Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand

candle wedding favors - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding favors

Toronto Brewery Wedding Photo by Mango Studios

jam favors - Money saving tips for weddings on wedding favors

Photography: onelove photography