Off The Cuff

Off the cuff is an original funny wedding poem about the groom being unprepared for his speech. Its all about having  a little too much drink and wanting your bed. Including the love of your life next to you. No! . . . Not the drink. Saying a few words which don’t quite come across as they should can be quite embarrassing. Off the cuff is a funny wedding poem of things said on the spur of the moment with pure innocence. Honestly! 😁

Preparation is key to a successful reading or speech and humor will always take away any embarrassing hiccups, don’t worry. 😂

Funny wedding poems or readings are becoming more popular and have the ability to bring your family and friends together in laughter. It harmonizes the traditional formalities of your wedding ceremony. Poems can be a quick bit of light refreshment before the main reading. You can also use a poem as an introduction or alleviate a quiet moment required to organize the next stage of your wedding ceremony.

Off The Cuff Funny Wedding Poem

After reading this humorous poem you most certainly will agree I’m sure. 🙂

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Off The Cuff

Now we are wed you can all be fed

I’m not hungry I keep thinking of bed

I mean sharing a bed

Have a drink there’s plenty of wine

She’s so divine I’m glad she’s mine

It’s quite a spread I’m losing my head

Thank you for coming to see us wed.

By AI Moffat


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short little poem; Andrew is constantly working on new poems and wedding readings. If you have a poem or would like to share your creative experience of marriage do drop him a line. He needs all the help he can get. 🙂

We look forward to your next visit to read more new and original poems.

Have a great and wonderful day, enjoy life to the full. 🙂