Organic wedding inspiration { Organic Wild Dream wedding theme }

Something old, something new… and something organic! If this is what you want for your fabulous wedding. These days, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to make their weddings more eco-friendly. From organic to fair trade to hemp wedding dresses, pretty much every aspect of your wedding can become eco-friendly! It is often cost effective, can be insanely chic, and is always great for the environment! Like all things, a greener wedding should start at the beginning. Firstly let chose wedding colours, we chose” antique white +linen + white smoke + iced coffee and gold for our Organic wedding palette. From pale pastel to strong tones like gold and iced coffee, an ethereal outdoor wedding is a symbiosis between petals’ delicacy and soil’s fertility.

Organic #wedding inspiration - Wedding #colourschemes | i take you - wedding ideas

Organic wedding inspiration

  • Bridesmaids : The different tones of white of the bridesmaids’ gowns will give you the impression that you are surrounded by angelical beings. Use organic materials and handmade decorations to manufacture and garnish the altar and the garden. Small golden details will highlight the sophisticated, yet so natural aspect. It is recommended to keep as simple as possible to avoid any possibility of giving in a kitsch style. When you make use of gold, you keep it simple. Iced coffee hue will neutralize and sweeten the golden reflets, irizations and it will also confer a very warm and intimate feeling.
  • Wedding Stationery : There are finally some stylish and environmentally responsible options for wedding invitations. Look for stationery created from recycled paper (don’t worry, it does not look recycled) or organic cotton. Rather than toxic inks, choose safer soy-based inks to print all of your information. This will get your wedding off to a good start! We love this menu printed on a simple kraft recycled bag captured by  Mademoiselle Fiona Photography it’s a great ideas.

Organic wedding , menu printed on a simple recycled bag | i take you - #weddingideas:

  • Wedding Dress : Purchase a wedding gown that is made of an ethically and eco-friendly produced fabric. There are now bridal gown designers who create dresses from hemp, organic cotton, or fair-trade silk. If none of these gowns appeal to you, consider having your mother’s wedding gown re-cut to wear for your special day.
  • Bridal Style : Lax and loose dresses, frail laces, loose bunds or ponytails with tiny golden accessories and you, a beautiful bride with a natural make-up, will make it look like a dream. You may substitute the classical bride veil with a wreath of green and golden laurel leaves.
  • Bouquet : Custom alone your wedding bouquet made of pastel garden flowers applying some threads of ripe wheat.

Organic wedding bouquet ,Organic wedding inspiration | i take you - wedding ideas:


  • Wedding Cake : This cake is as dainty and delicate as they come. Simply lovely cake photographed by Jose Villa.
  • Season : Probably a Greek summer/early fall wedding theme would suit best.


Warm sand down your feet, rose and peony buds (or even olives and laurels for a more natural/wilder look) and wooden benches will complete your dream wedding. Going eco-friendly for a wedding can be done with grace. Supporting your environment will only create a more loving place for you and your family to enjoy later.

Bridesmaids : Esther Sun Photography via stylemepretty  | Menu printed on a simple kraft bag : Mademoiselle Fiona Photography | Wedding Cake + bouquet + ceremony : Jose Villa from one of his amazing workshops in Italy! | Boutonnieres : Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography via stylemepretty


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