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2015’s Autumn promises to be very delicate. If you are a sensitive and delicate, this autumn’s yummy colours will perfectly embrace you. Based on the finesse of natural colours, 2015 autumn weddings remind me of sunset and of sweet and sour fruits. Probably a cake with lots of whipped cream and wild fruits, with dough in sweet syrup would be the most suitable.

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Peach and Orange Wedding for Free Spirits

Peach and Orange make a perfect match if you want an intimate and very personal wedding. Sweet tones of peach are ideal for a soft touch. Subtle, yet charming, peach will definitely be perfect for a whimsical or bohemian romance or even sophisticated vintage inspired theme. Flower decorations, table and chair decorations, candles, stationeries and invitations are some of the things where you could easily use tones of orange or peach without falling into kitsch.

If you are more nonconformist, you could wear peach high heels or wedding rings, why not? Long or at the base of the ear, peach earrings would certainly draw the attention over you! Or you could accessorize your dress with a peach strap on your waist! You’re the bride and it’s your day, no one should be in the spotlight more than you!

If you want to be a classic bride, you could have a beautiful floral tiara or a bouquet of roses made of red, pink, peach and orange flowers for vibrant colour diversity.

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You can welcome your wedding guests with a special peach cocktail in pink glasses decorated with little cute umbrellas and offer them peach wedding favor tied to a box or hung from a tree. And for a little more glamour, you can put beautiful peach flowers delicately placed on each level of the cake.

Mostly of all, I love peach bridesmaids gowns. It’s one of the most charming and romantic colours. Just imagining a beautiful long white dress accompanied by other long diaphanous peach dresses makes me think of fairytales. Peach dresses with orange belts, delicate sandals and bouquets would be a beautiful part of an amazing fantasy. Probably a loose bun with rebel curls would complete the look.

These colours are perfect for outdoor weddings. I can’t imagine sunset colours enclosed in a hall. They must be free, that’s why a peach and orange wedding should be held outside, where these colours can find their unity with nature.


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Image Credits : Peach Rustic Boho Wedding Inspiration – Bouquet : Maraluce | Bridesmaids : Photography: Mint Photography – mymintphotography | Bonfire : Photography by The Wiebners, Joel & Rita Wiebner | Fall themed naked cake via stylemepretty| Wedding Cake : Kathryn McCrary

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