The top 9 most unusual things to make your wedding unique

Making your wedding as personable as possible is not always about having a wad of cash. Most of the time it’s about being creative and knowing what will work best for your ceremony. You might not be a traditional bride with a white dress, getting married in a church and tossing your bouquet over your shoulder to potential brides everywhere, but that’s OK. Whatever your preference may be, here are a list of things you can do to make your wedding unique.

Choose barware that fits your theme

If your theme is somewhat of a rustic nature, then serving your drinks and cocktails in jam or mason jars will be a quirky little addition. It might only be a minor detail but it won’t go unnoticed.

serving your drinks and cocktails in jam or mason jars  |

  Photography: Cotton Love Studios

serving your drinks and cocktails in jam or mason jars  |

Photography: Jose Villa Photography –

Tiffany blue drink perfect for any party

Photography : Vicki Bartel  via Fab Mood

serving your drinks and cocktails in jam or mason jars  |

Photography : Erin McGinn Photography


Surprise your guests

Whether that be with pictures of them on their tables or with a band/musician that they didn’t know was going to be there, it’s nice to subject your guests to a few surprises. The attention is on you for 90% of the day so it’s always nice to have the focus on some others from time to time.

(Photo credit: BuzzFeed)



Don’t be afraid to wear colour

Runways have heavily featured bridal wear that’ve steered away from the white/ivory norm so 2015 is set to see many brides follow this non-tradition for their own weddings. Pale blues and pinks are quite popular colours to choose from and if your wedding has a particular theme, a coloured wedding dress might potentially fit the bill perfectly.

Peach wedding dress and groom in yellow mustard suit |

Photography : Birds of a Feather Photography

Custom silver embellished wedding dress |

Custom silver embellished wedding dress | Photography:


grey smoke wedding dress |

Photography: Brett Heidebrecht


Light blue wedding dress |

Photography: Cluney Photo

peach wedding gown |

(Photo credit: Bridal Gowns UK)

Have a wedding programme

This is a great idea if you have the creative ability. You can really run wild with this and add pictures, quotes and a schedule of how the day is going to pan out. It’s also a nice little souvenir for guests to keep once the wedding is over. Having an itinerary in your wedding programme is also a good way to throw in those few surprises you were thinking of, as it will catch guests off guard and they won’t be expecting it.


unique wedding program | Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

Fan Wedding Program Idea | Photography : Josh Gruetzmacher Photography


Colourful Fan wedding program | Photography : Corbin Gurkin

Colourful Fan wedding program | Photography : Corbin Gurkin

Have a wedding programme

(Photo Credit: Bespoke Bride)


Have a custom colouring book for kids

Have a custom colouring book for kids

(Photo credit: BuzzFeed)

If you have a lot of kids attending your wedding and you think a programme might be too complicated, make a children’s version with the option for colouring in so they have a special souvenir of your love on your special day.

Get creative with your bouquets

Whilst certain traditions such as lilies will always remain a constant classic at weddings, there are ways in which you can mix and match your bouquets to give them that extra edge. If you have a selection of bridesmaids, you may wish to customise each bouquet to fit their personality. You could also add greens and foliage within bouquets to give it that just-picked look, along with seasonal blooms and other wildflowers if you want to go allboho chic.

Get creative with your bouquets

(Photo credit: Elegant Twist)

Creative wedding bouquet | Photography: Corbin Gurkin

Photography: Corbin Gurkin

creative wedding bouquet with blue and purple flowers

Photography: Corbin Gurkin


creative wedding bouquet | Photography by

Photography by


creative wedding bouquets |

Phtography : Rylee Hitchner Photography

Leave out advice cards for guests

read out

(Photo credit: Etsy)

At the reception, give your guests advice cards with things like ‘What should we name our first child?’ and ‘Where should we go on our honeymoon?’ This is a really fun way for people who perhaps don’t know each other that well but are sat close by to break the ice and it’ll be fun for you and your hubby to pick through at a later date.

Personalised wedding invites with song requests

Personalised wedding invites with song requests

(Photo credit: Water’s Edge Events)

Give your guests the option to write down what songs they would like playing at your wedding on the back of their invites. This means you won’t have to give your DJ a long list of songs and everyone gets the chance to request something.

Have a guestbook alternative

guest alternative

(Photo credit: Bespoke Bride)

Instead of the traditional guestbook, why not have a tablecloth that guests can sign? That way you can keep it as a momentum of your day and possibly hang it up in your marital home.

If these ideas are appealing to you and you want to find out what else you can do to make your wedding unique, check out Before the Big Day for more tips, hints and unusual alternatives. In addition, visit Laings of Glasgow to find yourself the perfect wedding ring.

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