To Wit-Woo

To Wit-Woo is a silly funny original wedding poem with a happy end. If ever there could be a happy ending Andrew was sure to find it. This wedding poem is another one of his great additions to our collection of funny wedding poems. Where does he find the inspiration?  🤷‍♀️  To Wit-Woo of all things! Amazingly she sticks it out and created a happy ending, not sure what I would do if I found out he was a fake. Love is love regardless and although you never can tell you might as well, who knows?

Poetry is fun, it has an ability to lighten up the wedding ceremony and unite your family and friends in laughter. We hope this hilarious poem gives you inspiration to add a little poetry into your wedding theme.


Well I Never ! A silly wedding poem with a happy end.

A funny little story in rhyme, where does he find the time?

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To Wit-Woo

I wed a man called Stan

Who said he would and can.

It was a mistake he was a fake

Needless to say that I did stray

Now grand kids the lot from a job lot.

His real name was Fran now he is Gran

One takes what one’s got an gives it a shot.

Me’ dad had a frown an said I’d married a clown

They’ve got kind of sweet now live down the street

I’d kept it discreet but now heard it’s the tweet of the week.

By AI Moffat


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short little poem; Andrew is constantly working on new poems and wedding readings. If you have a poem or would like to share your creative experience of marriage do drop him a line. He needs all the help he can get. 🙂

We look forward to your next visit to read more new and original poems.

Have a great and wonderful day, enjoy life to the full. 🙂