Tips to help you get the most out of attending wedding fairs

Well, you are getting married… Congratulations! Wedding fairs can be daunting or jolly good fun when you can indulge in all things wedding. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of attending wedding fairs. Check out Our wedding fair Up coming Events here.

wedidng fair,bridal fayres

1. Pick who you go with carefully – but generally when they are tagging along behind a cooing gaggle of the bride’s friends. Grooms with their brides are mostly more involved. Remember you may meet your ideal supplier and it is much better if both of you are there. Think of those family members and friends who you trust to look dispassionately at suppliers and offer unbiased opinions, and who take your interests into account. I see lots of people accompanying brides who don’t consider the bride’s wishes and offer their own thoughts and ideas. Weddings can be political but try not to fall into the trap of asking everyone because you think you should. Less is definitely more.

wedding fairs,bridal fayres


2. Wear comfortable shoes! You are going to be walking, in some cases for hours if it is a large show, so be prepared with some comfortable trainers or flats. This is not a good time to break in those wedding shoes!

3. If possible, avoid bringing small children. It may seem like a cute idea to bring your flower girl to look at the dresses but when she starts crying because she is exhausted from walking around all day, you’ll realise that it probably wasn’t the best idea. Do you remember how much you hated having to go shopping with your mum as a kid? The same principle applies here. Not to mention there is a lot of expensive and attractive equipment on display and you would hate for your little one to be the one with his hands in the chocolate fountain.

4. Pick up all the offers and goodie bags. Suppliers spend a lot of money booking a stand and therefore want to attract business. They generally have show offers, discounts, competitions and/or freebies – collect them all! Enter all competitions! Even if you have already sorted that part of your wedding – unfortunately you never know what might happen and you may need to make a last minute change.

wedidng fair,bridal fayres


5. Some suppliers offer special deals if you book that day – if you feel comfortable making the decision, go ahead – if you don’t, buy yourself time by reading the terms and conditions in the refreshment area (you probably need a cuppa by now anyway!). Good suppliers will understand if you need to give it some thought – and will be prepared to give you some thinking time by booking a follow up appointment after the show.

wedding fairs,bridal fayres
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