Choose the perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette For Your Body Type


Wedding dress is the biggest part of a wedding dream. Slipping on your wedding dress and having a perfect fit is your dream come true. There are lots of different styles of wedding dresses out there. Have you ever wondered what wedding dress silhouette for body type? If so,what you need is expert advice on the style of wedding dresses that will enhance your body contour. There are certain designs that help hide or accentuate accordingly to create the illusion of a perfect figure.

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Choose the perfect wedding dress silhouette

A-line Silhouette

This is the perfectly simple and beautiful wedding gown. If you haven’t, give one a try! They’re flattering on just about any figure. The A-line slightly flares from the shoulders down. It softens curves and elongates to create a more slender and taller figure. For petite brides it creates length, for tall brides it adds fullness and covers curves you’d rather not show.

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Princess Silhouette

In this case, you’re going for a grown-up princess instead of a Grimm. Think Grace Kelly. This dress is less close-fitting than a mermaid or sheath, but still follows your natural curves. The bodice has vertical panels of fabric and then the skirt flares out gently. This is an elegant style that brings out the inner stone-cold fox in most women. If you’re looking for a sophisticated look this is it.

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A mermaid dress will give you a shapely silhouette without being inappropriately sexy for a wedding dress. The dress hugs your curves from your bust to your hips, then flares out at the knee to create a fishtail effect. (That looks way better than it sounds.) Mermaid dresses can be strikingly beautiful, but because they are fitted so closely, they may not be good for ceremonies in which you have to kneel. You may even have some trouble sitting down if your dress is very form-fitting, so consider changing into another outfit for your reception.

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The Empire Line bridal gown is your classy elegant design. Empire-style gowns feature cropped bodices, a high waist (just under the bust line) and a fitted or slightly A-line skirt. This silhouette is quite popular for couture wedding dresses because it is flattering for most body types. It can make petite brides look taller and curvy brides look slimmer. However, this style does tend to accentuate the bust area so avoid it if you are blessed with large breasts.

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Sheath gowns are the perfect choice for brides who perfect simply cut dresses. Like mermaid dresses, sheath dresses are very form-fitting. A sheath dress is generally body-hugging and follows your natural body shape. This silhouette is best for slender women or those with hourglass figures; however, the right foundation garments can do wonders for a slightly problematic figure (or if you overindulged the night before). And, make sure you’re not feeling like sitting down or kneeling.

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Ball gown

You’ve seen these on most animated Disney’s princesses. It is the “Cinderella” look.  The ball gown has a form-fitting bodice with a full skirt, bell-shaped skirt that is usually floor-length. The ball gown has a fitted bodice with a poufy skirt usually made from layers and layers of tulle supported by a hoop under the skirt. Ball gowns are considered to be what brides would call a traditional look of all bridal dress silhouettes.

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View this ball gown’s dress in David Tutera Wedding Dresses Spring 2015 Collection

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Speaking of curvy women, Basque gowns feature natural waists and dropped V-shaped necklines. This style is flattering to curvy and big-busted women, as well as those who are self-conscious about having short necks.

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View Vera Wang’s dress in White by Vera Wang


This is a less common wedding dress style, and you’ve probably already guessed how it looks. Like the ball gown, a ballerina dress has a fitted bodice and a skirt that poofs out from the waistline, but in this case there’s more of a tutu effect, with the skirt hitting about mid-calf. You’ll be working with very light, floaty fabrics in lots and lots of layers, and there may be some petticoat action.

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Astnnertrical waist ball gown features a a waistline that goes more at a diagonal at the waist from one side of the dress to the other side.

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Dropped Waist Ball Gown

Dropped waist ball gown starts a few inches below the belly button. This style elongates the look of the torso and is very popular right now, with many choices of length of the drop of the waist itself.


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Bias Cut Wedding Dress Silhouette

The bias cut wedding dress style has a fabric with a diagonal cut that’s perfect for tall brides. It has a slimming effect that is perfect for brides with slim to medium-sized frames. It’s not recommended for pear-shaped brides and full-figured brides due to its form-fitting nature.

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Selection the right Wedding Gown For Your Body Type

Selecting the correct style of wedding dress will help to gently slender curves rather than cling to them, creates the illusion of length, flaunt and flatter the contour of your body. Confidence rules when you know you look and feel you best. This style advice will ensure your wedding dress well slip right in place to create an elegant silhouette. And, in the end, your instincts trump them too. If a dress breaks all the rules but makes you feel absolutely amazing, that’s The One.

Good luck, Gorgeous. Happy shopping! from I Take You UK blog xoxo