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Autumn wedding favour ideas


Make favours for your autumn wedding that reflect the spirit of the season. From pumpkin candles to cookies that will warm the heart, favours inspired by fall will be appreciated by all of your guests.

Give a favour in keeping with the season. Here are some autumn wedding favour ideas to get you started.




Pears - Wrap seasonal fruit in tissue for a sweet (and healthful) gift for guests. Have an office-supply store make a rubber stamp with your names, wedding date, and a drawing or clip-art illustration (the entire design should be 3 inches in diameter or smaller). Stamp image onto squares of tissue paper. Cut off stems, centre fruit on tissue, wrap, and twist.


Jams and jellies made from fruits grown at Pearbrook: plums, currants, grapes, peaches, raspberries, and, of course, pears.


Candles - Homemade Leaves wax candles


Sweet cup - For a favour that brings out the kid in guests, turn baking cups into darling dishes brimming with old-fashioned hard candies (these have hazelnut-chocolate filling). The cups are normally used for baking single servings of brioche, so they're made of stiff paper that can hold lots of little treats. To package each favour, add candy to the cup, then wrap in cellophane. Tie closed with a ribbon threaded with a printed paper tag


Caramel apples are a treat for both kids and adults. Packaged in cellophane, guests will be thrilled to take these delectable treats home with them.


Chocolate hearts  - nestle inside a small pink box wrapped with polka-dotted cellophane and a thin satin ribbon. Set each heart in a candy cup and arrange on shredded tissue.





Tea Bags - Buy your favourite teas in bulk, or devise a blend to your liking, then decant it into packets large enough to brew an entire pot. Attach a homemade tag inscribed with a fitting message to a length of embroidery thread, which can be sealed into the seam of the tea bag.


Candles - For a unique autumn favour, wrap tapers in vellum; dress up with blossoms or a matchbox covered with paper, florets, and real leaves. Tie box to candles with a cord threaded through the box's underside.


Tea and cookies - Tea is twice as nice coupled with cookies flavoured the same way. These Earl Grey tea cookies were made by mixing tea leaves into the shortbread batter. Customize a box with corrugated paper to form sections for cookies and tea bags. Ours is wrapped with damask paper and ribbon. Monogrammed tags, shaped like ones for tea bags, reveal the gift inside.


Cookie Jars - It's only fitting to give cookies in a jar -- this one is tiny in size but big in old-fashioned charm. The mini store-bought cookies inside include chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry, and shortbread currant. Embellish the jar with a ribbon-tied tag and a homemade label (affix with double-sided tape).


Coffee-Flavoured Favours - Blue-and-white packaging complements dark-brown coffee favours. Chocolate-covered espresso and coffee beans are stacked in hexagonal boxes tied with silk ribbon. Use rubber stamps (made at an office-supply store) to identify the treats. Homemade coffee truffles, composed of bittersweet chocolate ganache spiked with Irish whiskey and coffee extract, nestle inside candy cups; paper bands, made on a computer using clip art, dress up their boxes. Rich espresso fudge brownies (wrapped in cellophane) are covered with dotted paper


Pears - Filled with miniature pears, fiber bags make inviting favours. The bride's and groom's names, the wedding date, and "A Perfect Pair" is printed on labels tied to the bags with strands of paper ribbon.





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