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    You have finally got that diamond on your finger and if your wedding will probably be at least a year away, why not start planning for it now? Procrastination only leads to be rushed in the end, which can lead to hasty, expensive decision making. Plus, you are more likely to have to pay extra if you didn't order something early enough to get it done or shipped in the standard amount of time. Where do I start? How much is the wedding cost? What's the first thing I need to do? Here is information that there are quite a lot of things to do. At the same time it is necessary planning them well in advance. Follow our guide to help you get started planning your wedding or Join us, you'll have access to our simplified planning tools.

  • 1. Plan Budget

    The first thing to consider when you begin planning your wedding is the budget. This is usually a touchy subject; Old tradition was “who pays for what”;  the parents of the bride who will foot the bill. However; now that we have entered the 21st century; just like many other common traditions; the parents are no longer expected to carry all of the financial weight. Once you know how much you can spend; you know how much you can afford. Our Budgeter can help you estimate, and once you start spending, help you keep track.



  • 2. Wedding Style

    You are probably asking yourself: Where do I begin to narrow down my options and choose the right wedding style? Whether it's large or small wedding, be creative and look at all that is available to you to make sure you have selected according to your needs and desires. There are items you can obtain to fit perfectly into any theme, your personal style and for any budget. Check out here are some creative wedding theme ideas on how to add more style to your special day. It certainly helps to start with inspiration.



  • 3. The Wedding Party

    Once the budget, style has been determined, it is necessary learning about the wedding party members. Choosing who is to participate in your wedding depends on religion, location and the style of the wedding; you can also take into consideration any family traditions that have been carried down through the generations. Check out here wedding roles, a list of the most important duties of the wedding entourage from the wedding planning to the wedding reception and even after the event is finished.


  • 4. Deciding on Reception Site and Wedding Date

    Perhaps the most important aspect of planning is deciding on the reception site as well as the wedding date. Once the engagement is over, these two becomes imminent. Decision relating to wedding date is very difficult until the venue is suitably selected. Reservation of reception hall requires advance planning. Many venues have their booking itinerary published in advance. Since any month is ideal for wedding, one can decide the time basing on the venue and the excellence of the location decided. However, you have to remember that the charges for reservation of the venue combined with the catering of the guests and arranging for their food and beverages, and at times the accommodation consumes up over half of the entire budget for the wedding ceremony. Check out venues articles.

  • 5. The Guest List

    Putting together a guest list is one of the trickiest parts of any wedding planning. There never seems to be enough room for all the people that you'd like to include, and it always seems that when you invite one person, you need to invite someone else. It can be difficult to get the number of wedding guests down to a reasonable number. One of the first things you should do is sit down with your fiancé and determine how large you want the wedding to be. If you have already done that, be sure to consider your budget. A larger number will cost you more, especially for more formal events. Remember that the number of guests must fit within the budget you have already established for your wedding plans. Keep track of whom you want to invite, and the status of your invitations with our Guest List Tool.

  • 6. The Wedding Dress

    Wedding gowns are probably one of the first things that come to mind when weddings are mentioned. Shopping for a wedding gown is not an easy task, you have a lot of questions about what you want, what do you envision, what would you like, what do you not like, and the list goes on and on. We've got everything you need to know about wedding dress shopping, tips for choosing the right style for your body Or check out here our wedding dresses gallery.

  • 7. Wedding Registry

    Wedding registries are often called bridal registries these days. Bridal registries are a nice way of letting your guests know what kind of present you want and don't want. They are also practical and significantly reduce the chances of you receiving the same item more than once. Before you go to the stores or online to register for your wedding gifts, You need to evaluate what you both want and what you both need, don't register for needless things that you don't foresee using just because it's a typical wedding registry item. If you already have something, don't add it to the list. If you now you'll probably never use something, don't add it to your list. Select the stores carefully, select a few stores that you like and visit them to see what wedding list services they offer. Before you sign up, is the store's refund policy. Will you be able to return gifts that you don't want? And if you can, will the refund be cash or store credit?

  • 8. The stationery

    Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests have into what your wedding will be like. Take some time and plan out your wedding stationery carefully. It is a wonderful event and you want the invitations to set the right tone and feel for the big day. By thinking about the colours, sizes, shapes and type of wedding invitation that you will be sending to your guests you can ensure that you have set the stage.  

  • 9. Food & Drinks

    When you are planning your wedding, food is one of the most important choices you will make. Some of the things you need to decide upon are the time of day you will be serving; whether it is sit-down or buffet; the number of guests and their tastes; and, of course, your food budget. If you want to know more about food, go to wedding food page, and you can find many helpful tips.

  • 10. Wedding Cakes

    The wedding cake is definitely just as important for the reception as many other parts of the ceremony and reception are, and many couples do place emphasis on having the right kind of wedding cake for themselves and their guests. Choosing a wedding cake can often be a difficult decision. Some things about the wedding cake to consider is whether it will be yellow cake, white cake, or even chocolate, what type of icing it'll have on it, as well as how many layers it should have and how it will be spread out. See our cakes's gallery.

  • 11. Flowers

    Flowers are as essential to a wedding as the bride's beautiful dress, the perfectly decorated cake and the personally designed rings. When choosing flowers for your wedding you should take into consideration what season you are in as well as remember to be consistent throughout the different elements of your wedding that require flowers. Here wedding flowers index with some


        Boutonnieres Photos

        Wedding Bouquets Photos

  • 12. Wedding Favours

    When it comes to planning your perfect wedding, wedding favours may seem like a smaller detail that will not need much of your time. However when you begin to think about what wedding favours will really make a memorable impact on your day, you'll find that there is more to them than meets the eye. Not only that, but with everything else going on you will probably find it difficult to think of unique wedding favours however with just a few clicks you will find there are plenty unforgettable favours out there that will match your wonderful day to perfection. See the wedding favours index for articles about Unique Wedding Favours Ideas, 10 Best wedding Gift Ideas  and more.  

  • 13. Wedding Rings

    Besides engagement rings, wedding rings are probably the most crucial of all ring purchases. The symbolism behind a ring of this type is so great that choosing a perfect ring is a very important task. There are many decisions a couple needs to make with regard to choosing wedding rings. Things such as metal type, style and size are part of this decision-making process. Another factor couples consider when purchasing wedding rings is price as they are often paying quite a bit on other wedding necessities. Read our wedding rings articles , how to choose the right ring, thing to know before you buy.

  • 14. The Finishing Up

    More thing to think such as

       Wedding Readings

       Wedding Songs

       Wedding Vows

       Bridal hairs & accessories

       Thank you gifts etc.

    And all these will be available on that would be guiding you through the process of migration from the engagement to wedding platform.


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