Wedding Jest

Wedding Jest is an original hilarious wedding poem published in August 2019 by Andrew our romantic something or another. 🙂 It’s based on a funny proposal of marriage by a woman on leap day the 29th of February but the man has a funny sense of humor. A new modern and funny wedding poem is a great way to unite your family and friends at your wedding ceremony. If you’re thinking of proposing on the 29th February next year I hope this hilarious wedding poem doesn’t put you off

Leap Year

2020 is in fact the next leap year so remember it happens just once every four years. You can only ask a man to marry you on the 29th of February. It’s called the leap day and custom is if he refuses guess what? He has to either give you money or a new gown but disappointingly he can also give you twelve pairs of gloves?  What!!!  Has anyone one heard of global warming? 🤷‍♀️

Apparently the custom dates back to the 5th Century, you know when it was much colder. It’s not really keeping up with the times at all, especially the climate. I feel another need for a referendum we can’t let men get away with this. Boris Johnson will have to introduce a new penalty, maybe 12 bottles of sun cream or even 12 sunglasses. Come on! 😁

Maybe its better you enjoy the poem we don’t want to cause another prorogue and bring the country to a standstill over a pair of sunglasses.😎

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Wedding Jest

Wedding bliss I hear you Miss

You think it’s time well that’s just fine

I’ll toe the line and not decline.

Wedding bliss I hear you hiss

I get the gist of your wish

Yes! . . . It’ll be that I say unto thee.

-by AI Moffat


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short little poem; Andrew is constantly working on new poems and wedding readings. If you have a poem or would like to share your creative experience of marriage do drop him a line. He needs all the help he can get. 🙂

We look forward to your next visit to read more new and original poems.

Have a great and wonderful day, enjoy life to the full. 🙂