Wedding Moments are Meant to be Captured

There is a romance to the human being. Since time immemorial, songs, ballads, plays, paintings, engravings and histories circulate surrounding the relationship of two individuals within the bounds of matrimony. Human love and the longevity of that love are some of the more important aspects of existence for many, and it is easy to see why. There is a history behind each and every relationship, and there are acts within the larger narrative of life’s play. Prologues, epilogues and side-quests trail off like eddies from the main thrust of a river. But some of those eddies are profound, and really do deserve to be properly memorialised! Consider: in a marriage that lasts seventy years, the matrimonial ceremony at its very inception is the least enduring aspect of it. The ceremony lasts less than a single day, yet it is the first sentence on a novel of a thousand pages. From this single moment flows the whole stream, but it starts so small. So this is one of those moments that really needs preservation, and one that inheres to a storyline all its own.

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From the beginning of the wedding to the end of the reception, there is a story. A story of two families coming together and meeting for the first time, of groomsmen and bridesmaids envisioning prospective futures they may have and spinning off in their own capacities, but most importantly: the story of the bride and groom themselves, coming together for the first time in order to experience a real life with one another over the ensuing years. Their excitement and enthusiasm, nervousness and relief, embarrassment and laughter, should all be captured deeply and sensitively. That’s why when you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Manchester, you really need to complete your homework. Wedding photographers in Manchester are all over the place, and some are bound to be better than others; that’s just reality. Your special day will only come once; at least that’s how it should be. So don’t be afraid to go with a lavish option. If you really want to be a spendthrift, you can just have a relative bounce around with a camera; but is that really how you want to treat your special day?

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A great indicator of a wedding photographer in Manchester, or anywhere else for that matter, is the quality of photos in the portfolio. This portfolio is available on most photographer’s websites and is full of the photographer’s favorite pictures from the jobs they’ve done. This will give you an idea of their sensibility. If their best photos give you chills and thrills, then that’s the man to send your bills to. But if the pictures are drab and humdrum, forget that bum.

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Now, the next thing to consider is attitude and flexibility. A good wedding photographer is out there trying to capture the story, not tell the story. It isn’t his story, it’s yours. So the photographer should in some ways be like a photographic ninja. He should really be able to move with the ebb and the flow of the event and not be a disturbing factor which constantly takes away from a one-time endeavour. Attitude is one indicator of whether a photographer will be of this kind, but price is another. Better equipment makes such anonymity easier. So, for a wedding photographer in Manchester, sometimes it just makes sense to pay more.

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