Wedding photos you must take

Your wedding will be a day that you will never forget. All the same, it is still great to capture all of the special moments in photographs! Every photographer will cover the same standard array of pictures, but there are some additional images that you should be sure to request.

Weddings are very busy, and your photographer will be running around like mad trying to capture every guest and every moment. This is why it is so important to give him a checklist of particular shots that you would like him to take. In the excitement of the day, even the bride is likely to forget about them.

1. Getting Ready fore the big moment

one of the loveliest images that can be captured are the pictures of her getting ready right before the wedding. Some of the prettiest pre-wedding photos are of brides peeking into in the mirror for one last time before heading out to the ceremony.

Wedding photos you must take,wedding photos ideas,bride getting ready
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2. Graceful image
When the mother or father of the bride clasps her bridal jewellery around the bride’s neck. It is a very graceful image, and it makes an especially nice memory if the bridal jewellery was a gift from the bride’s parents.

Beach wedding photos from Joseph Lin Wedding Photography


3. First look

This is a lovely moment that First Looks are just as awesome as the walk down the aisle!

New York City Wedding From Joseph Lin Wedding Photography - see more :  city wedding photos


4. Classic bouquet
detail of the bride’s bouquet. A close up of your beautiful wedding flowers is a picture that you will definitely want for your wedding album. It is an image that can be equally pretty taken with the bride holding the bouquet.

Seaside glamour Beach Wedding From Joseph Lin Photography see more beach wedding in New York,blue white bouquet,wedding bouquet,beach bouquet


5. Perfect Moment.

This is adorable moment “Mr & Mrs” at the wedding ceremony – very cute shot!

Beach wedding photos from Joseph Lin Wedding Photography


6. Bridesmaids

Don’t forget fun moment with your girls.

Gorgeous pastel bridesmaid dresses Beach Wedding From Joseph Lin Photography see more  pastel bridesmaids,pastel bridesmaid beach wedding,seaside pastel bridesmaids

7. Sweetest moment
bride & groom sneaking a look at their gorgeous reception

Wedding photos you must take,wedding photos ideas
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