Why Hire a Wedding Photographer Who Understands Your Venue?

When searching for your wedding photographer, there are a number of key factors to consider. You want to find a professional who charges reasonable rates and uses top-tier photography equipment. You also want to look for a provider with ample experience and a history of creating remarkable results. What many couples fail to consider, however, is the level of familiarity that these professionals have with specific venues. Following are several reasons why you want to choose someone who understands your chosen venue and its overall layout.

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No Unfortunate Surprises At The Last Minute

If there is an absolute lack of familiarity with your venue, there are a number of unfortunate surprises that a photographer is likely to experience on your big day. For instance, there could be firm venue rules in place pertaining to the use of over-sized camera equipment or various options in professional lighting. There may even be insurance requirements concerning the presence and use of these tools on private property and during events that create the potential for liability issues. Traversing outdoor terrain with heavy and cumbersome equipment can also be a challenge, particularly when grounds are soft or have large tree stumps and other obstacles that must be successfully negotiated on foot. Photographers who have offered their services in these locations before will be well-versed in all of the nuances of the land.

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A Keen Understanding Of Venue Aesthetics And Architectural Features

When wedding photographers are familiar with venues, they know the best architectural and aesthetic features to incorporate into their shots. In fact, they often head to these projects with well-laid plans for staging photos, especially if couples have specific themes that they want to adhere to. There is absolutely no guesswork involved in the staging process and these providers can even share their ideas with clients in advance of these events in order to have them reviewed and approved.

Elegant English Ballroom | Photography: Dominique Bader - www.dominiquebader.com | itakeyou.co.uk #englishwedding #weddingElegant English Ballroom | Photography: Dominique Bader - www.dominiquebader.com | itakeyou.co.uk #englishwedding #wedding #weddingreceptionElegant English Ballroom | Photography: Dominique Bader - www.dominiquebader.com | itakeyou.co.uk #englishwedding #wedding #bride #groom

The Ability To Make Optimal Use Of The Available Lighting

When hiring a wedding photographer Essex locals have to be cognizant of the different challenges that these projects present. One of the greatest concerns when attempting to produce high-quality wedding photography is how best to use the available natural and artificial lighting. Understanding a venue and knowing in advance how much natural light is present in these spaces is key to determining which equipment will prove most necessary for each project. An experienced wedding photography service will already know exactly which tools should be on hand when offering services in these locations. He or she will even have an in-depth understanding of how local weather patterns are likely to impact the natural lighting during these events.

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Knowledge Of The Best Vantage Points

Choosing the best vantage points and angles for photos is also an important part of producing stunning results. Companies, like Steven Brooks, have provided their services in a vast number of popular wedding venues throughout the greater Essex area. Due to this fact, their clients are guaranteed to receive a diverse array of unique shots from various camera angles that incorporate key architectural and aesthetic features, capture the lighting in breathtaking ways and adhere to individual goals and preferences. Working with someone who knows the location of your event and all of its intricacies will not only simplify these efforts, it will also ensure that you get optimal images of your special day.


Image credit : Steven Brooks Photographer  | Elegant English Ballroom photo by Dominique Bader , Wedding Dress: Reem Acra, Georgian Hotel/Ballroom: The George In Rye via stylemepretty |  Venue : Maunsel House photo by Charlie Kingsland-Barrow Of CKB Photography

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