Frosty winter wedding theme with gray + glittery wedding colours


Winter themed wedding is just as fun as summer and spring. The dreary winter shouldn’t dampen your hopes of having a fun wedding. While planning a wedding based on season, you should go for colours that define the season. For winter, colours like whites, pale blue, gray, etc can create the effective illusion of wintery atmosphere with accents of warmth. For our Frosty winter wedding theme, we’ve chosen lots of glittery such as gold + silver and added winter natural tones like brown, gray and frost.

Gold Glittery and Frost winter wedding

Winter wedding dress

As the weather in winter is not warm, you had better not choose strapless or thin satin wedding dresses which will make you shiver and feel cold. Instead, you can consider wearing long sleeve wedding dresses. As you can see in the palette long sleeve wedding gown by Claire Pettibone from “The gilded age bridal collection

Winter wedding dress for frost winter wedding theme

Bridesmaids : For bridesmaid dresses with sleeves for your bridesmaids are the best choice for frosty cold day. Besides the dresses, you can also prepare some ear warmers, gloves, scarves and snow boots for both you and your bridesmaids.

Grooms : can wear wool suits to keep warm.

Flowers : Holding a winter wedding does not mean you can not have fresh flowers in your wedding. There are also many lovely and beautiful flowers in winter, such as white Narcissus, orchid, Madagascar jasmine and many others. The flowers mentioned above are all fragrant flowers which can scent the air with their fragrance. Moreover, these colorful winter flowers can make your wedding vigorous and most importantly, they are not expensive because they are in season.

Wedding cake : The cake is the star of the day next to the couple. Hence, even if everything else goes wrong, the cake needs to be perfect. Traditionally a wedding is white. Hence, accenting with pink, blues, reds and greens is a good idea. Tones of silver and blues are perfect for placing the cake on.

Food : In order to make your guests feel warm and comfortable, you can serve them hot drinks, such as warm cocktails, hot chocolate, mulled wine and some others.

Image credits : Wedding dress : Claire Pettibone | Gold wedding dress :  acoastalbride via pinterest | wedding cake : Clark Brewer Photography  via 100layercake | Black bridesmaid : Joy Michelle Photography   via smp | Wedding shoes : Christian Louboutin photographed by Laura Gordon  via smp | Donts Glittery Gift Wrapping Party Photography: The Birdie Girl  | stationery : Jenna Joseph Photo via instagram | bouquet : Julia Newman Photography via brides

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