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The latest wedding readings can harmonize the way you both feel about each other. They can create a very delicate and endearing touch to your wedding. We have selected a variety of the most classic and traditional wedding readings.

It may be something you’ve read or heard or even a song. A small meaningful passage from a book or poem can add a touch of sentiment which can be read by the best man or even a member of the family. The classic and traditional wedding readings can often stir previous wedding memories from your wedding guests. Even a short reading can make that very special day a more memorable one.

Words are able to relay our inner most feelings, our humour and our understanding of love. It can describe your understanding of the commitment you will be making to one another. In a way your wedding readings allow your wedding guests to understand a familiar belief you both share. It will enhance your devotion to one another and conjure up a sense of something that was always meant to be.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading our most classic and traditional wedding readings and hope they inspire you both.  Whether it is an extract from a film, a poem or a book, choosing something you both enjoy is very meaningful. Itakeyou wish you the very best and hope we have helped to inspire you both in making that very special day your own with our latest wedding readings.

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