20 Lighthearted wedding toasts – Short ,Sweet and Unforgettable Wedding toasts

The best part of the wedding toast is when you raise your glass to the couple and give them your best wishes. Let them know how special the moment is for you as well, and wish them all the happiness for many years to come. Funny wedding toasts will make the occasion memorable.  Wedding guests would love to hear interesting stories about how the couple met and how their love has sustained their relationship. You don’t really need to relate a very long story. Choose one incident that you know will be a good memory for the couple, and one that the audience would enjoy hearing about. Here are 20 lighthearted wedding toasts – short, sweet and unforgettable that are perfect for every couple.

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Lighthearted wedding toasts

1. I never thought our romance could be upstaged, but I humbly bow to the lovely bride who captured his heart.
2. We understand that you have had to kiss a lot of toads before finding a handsome prince.
3. I don’t get all dressed up for just anyone, but when two people who are so in love tell me to put on my fancy clothes, this is what happens.
4. Don’t worry, by next year you will probably forget the date that this ceremony took place on. However, the easiest way to remember is to forget it once.
5. May your refrigerator always be filled with Budweiser, and may all of your ups and downs be under the covers.”
6. Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but you two are so in love it astounds the entire universe.
7. Men who have pierced ears are great for marriage. They have already experienced pain and bought jewelry.
8. May she share everything with her husband, including the housework.
9. You are a very lucky man. Your wife always looks great and dresses to kill. She also cooks exactly the same way.
10. I haven’t spoken to my wife for 18 months–I don’t like to interrupt her.
11. Shakespeare said, “My heart is ever at your service.” I say, “Eat candy hearts and order room service.”
12. A good wife knows one thing. She must always forgive her husband when she is wrong.
13. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people, and let me be clear…I said “sacred,” not “scared.”
14. Did you know there is not just two rings you are responsible for here? You also have the suffering and enduring that comes along with marriage.
15. Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity.
16. I have one piece of advice for you two lovebirds: never stop laughing, even when the jokes are lame.
17. It don’t matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home!
18. Did you know what the definition of marriage is? It is an arrangement between a man and woman whereby they are mutually agreeing that she will get her way.
19. I have one piece of advice for you two lovebirds: never stop laughing, even when the jokes are lame.
20. Before we got married I caught her in my arms. Now I catch her in my pockets.

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