In Midsummer a Wedding Arnold Kenseth, wedding reading

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In Midsummer a Wedding Arnold Kenseth, wedding reading

Now in midsummer a wedding. Attend.

Applaud. The music must be played lightly,
Quietly, at first, like July birdsongs
Hidden in thickets, like sun drying out
The mornings, like grass browsing, dreaming.

Then the words: this man, protecting, serving,
Believing; and this woman, favouring,
Giving, hoping. This family arriving.

Let the music accentuate, arise, float.

Dearly beloved, very dearly beloved,
This act praises and extends us all, as if,
In the afternoon airs, we are all made
Family, as if we are all sun, grass, dreaming.
Now, bells, astound! Ring out aloud, aloft!

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