Do This Prior To Meeting Your Wedding Cake Designer

We’ve all seen those gorgeous, stylish wedding cakes in magazines that impeccably match the weddings they’re a part of. But how can you get your perfect wedding cake?

Do This Prior To Meeting Your Wedding Cake Designer - Wedding Cakes London |

Do your homework! It’s great to understand all the facts and preferences surrounding your big day for your wedding cakes in London.

Here are steps you should take prior to meeting your wedding cake designer

You’ve certainly taken some interest, lately, in wedding designs and fashions and even taken pictures of some great wedding cakes. If not, it’s the perfect time for you to do so.

As you take pictures of cakes, take not just the general large pictures, but take the details too. Compare those you consider your favorites – what is common in them? Are there details such as fondant icing or sugar paste flowers that are essential to you?

Do This Prior To Meeting Your Wedding Cake Designer - Wedding Cakes London | Do This Prior To Meeting Your Wedding Cake Designer - Wedding Cakes London | Cake Designer in London #weddingcakeWedding Cake Designer in London #weddingcake

Consult with your partner

Find out if you agree on the flavor, design, and budget. He or she might not care much about the look of the wedding cake, but filling them in is vital.

Agreeing on all crucial details in your wedding with your partner will ensure that each of you is comfortable with everything. It’s good for both of you!

White and Gold wedding cake | Cake Designer in London #weddingcakeWedding Cake Designer in London #weddingcake

Get a general idea of all features of the wedding

You’ll want your wedding cake to match with other details, thus be firm on things like:

  1. bridesmaid dresses color
  2. Flowers you’ll be using
  3. Your wedding cake budget
  4. Number of guests you’ll be having (approximately)
  5. The theme, general style and formality of your wedding.
Color – conspicuous colors

If you expect your cake designer to match the colors of the cake to the colors you’re using in the wedding, you should carry at least a 3-inch square swatch of fabric for the wedding cakes interview. Probably solid colors for every swatch. Dark colors are difficult to get the right color and shade in icing – and difficult to arrange pleasantly on the decorated cake.


Flavor, taste and texture of your cake is a crucial decision you’ll make when making the order for your wedding cake. The external beauty of the cake will be great for your personal statement and the pictures. But, the inside of your cake should impress your guests.

You’ll want a cake that is moist, flavorful and yummy to eat. Consult friend or family who’ve wedded recently or have attended weddings and ask about their feel of the taste of the cake at the wedding. Request for samples of cake flavors when you visit or meet your cake baker.

When all is set, it’s time to reserve your date with your wedding cake baker.

Call the cake designers or bakeries in your areas to check on their availability on your preferable date. Go check out the taste, design and skill level of the wedding cake experts. Understand the recommendation of the wedding cake designer on pre-booking dates. Inquire on the number of weddings they will be serving on the same day as yours. You’ll need to preserve adequate allowance for your cake preparation.

Your wedding cake should be special from the outlook, the flavor, decorations to the frosting. Despite that you might like to go for a replica of a cake on a picture you have, it’s best that you personalize your cake too. It can be inspired by a moment you have as a couple or even your favorite dress.

An experienced and customer sensitive wedding cakes London will sort your bespoke wedding cake requirements. Enjoy innovative and unique wedding cake ideas to complement your tastes and preferences!


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