Considering a Marquee Wedding? Hiring a wedding marquee

Choosing wedding venues can be a nightmare and if you are looking out for a perfect outdoor location it gets even more difficult to find. Outdoor wedding locations are fun and have many advantages like you can get great pictorial landscapes, its perfect for big weddings. Also studies show that outdoor venues improve the mood and romance of any occasion. Once you have decided to have an outdoor location for the wedding it is imperative to hiring a marquee.

Hiring a wedding marquee has several advantages

  • It save’s a significant amount of money,
  • It provides a stylish canopy which gives shelter from unpredictable weather.
  • Due to its versatility in terms of style and functionality, it helps create an open, relaxed and an ultimately professional atmosphere.
  • Modern marquee are equipped with heating and air conditioning devices which automatically control the temperature inside which ensures enjoyment of a marquee all round the year.
  • The portable settings and variety of sizes and shapes can be customized for various functions like the wedding reception, a place to dance and enjoy with a DJ, a dinning area and even a special play area for children.

Types of wedding marquee

Wedding is the biggest occasion for a couple and the bride and groom would love to stamp their character on the day. The marquee can be personalized as per the theme of your wedding and the venue. It is very important to choose the type of marquee that you would require for that you should first finalize the number of people and the occasions which you would want to conduct and according the size and type of the marquee can be finalized. There are many types of marquee to choose from like the traditional pole marquees, aluminium frame marquees, high peak marquees, marquees shaped architecture and Marquee Tent Design.

Having a marque in your garden? Hiring a wedding marquee | Having a marque in your garden? Hiring a wedding marquee |

Photography :  Cooper Wedding Photography via English Wedding On itakeyou

Having a marque in your garden? Hiring a wedding marquee |

Photography : Ashlee Taylor

Having a marque in your garden? Hiring a wedding marquee | a marque in your garden? Hiring a wedding marquee |

Photography:Jessica Burke

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Shabby Chic wedding

Intimate Autumn Wedding With Rustic Details

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How much does it cost? Average cost marquee wedding?

It’s not necessarily cheaper to have a marquee. The cost to hire a marquee around £2,500 – £3,000 , most they provide lighting, tables, toilets etc, not include cost of catering and drink you probably looking another £1,000-£1,500 for catering and supplying drink. By the time all the additions are on (dresses, dressing the tables, equipment hire etc.) You are looking at about £6,000 – £6,500.

You need to check with possible caterers to find out how much roughly they will charge. Sometimes hotels insist you have an evening buffet as well as the main wedding breakfast, so again in your marquee you can do whatever you damn well like, so again possibly saving.

Do bear in mind that this is something you need to ask your venue – some will not allow marquees or will simply not have suitable facilities to accommodate one. If, for example, your venue is built on a hillside, a marquee is unlikely to be a possibility. Equally, some venues might welcome the idea and recommend a company who regularly work with them.

If you have a marquee on your land, you can provide all your own alcohol, which will be much cheaper than the hotel. BUT you might not be able to sell alcohol due to licensing laws, so might have to keep your guests supplied all night at your own expense.

Get a quote from a marquee company for marquee, generator, catering tent, tables, chairs, flooring etc. And think about decorations – if you are really keen on lots of fancy stuff, it will be expensive, if you are more down to earth about what you want you might well be able to do it very cheaply.

I know it’s a pain contacting people but to get a realistic idea you do need to get some quotes. there might not be much between the two ideas. But you’ll certainly have a more unique wedding in the marquee I’d say – but more work too!

I would love to hear back from you and share your experiences of which marquee was hired by you for your wedding and what were your experiences to help other’s to choose the best. Do let me know if you require any further information.

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