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Just got engaged what next | I take you UK wedding blog


Every love story is so special and yours is like no other from the moment you first met.
It is so wonderful when two people feel the same way about each other, those wonderful moments you have already shared and the excitement you must be feeling right now.
We are so excited for you, congratulations!
The big question is when is the big day????  I know everyone asks the same thing as soon as you show them your engagement ring.

At Itakeyou.co.uk, we are here to help and the first thing to do is relax, there is no rush and the most important thing is to plan your wedding carefully, give yourselves plenty of time and enjoy planning for your big day.

We have put together a list which we hope will help in preparation for that very special day.

Photography: Jen Huang Blog

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  • Thanks for this very helpful guide – it’s so easy to forget something crucial when planning a wedding!

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