Orange navy blue wedding colour palette for Autumn wedding


The right colour palette can do a lot for your wedding. It can give it style and energy, set a tone and establish a strong theme. The trick is to select wedding colors that feel fresh and original. One hot new style is a modern orange and blue wedding. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which makes them complementary colours. It is a bold pairing, and each colour will make the other pop and appear to be brighter.

Orange is a very versatile color for wedding flowers. From bouquets, to centerpieces, to accent pieces, you will find all sorts of gorgeous orange blossoms. to include. Your blue and orange color palette will look great carried into the table linens, favors, and even into chandeliers. Have fun designing a wedding in blue and orange that is modern, chic, and a true original.

orange navy blue wedding color palette for autumn wedding,orange navy blue autumn wedding colour palette

Orange navy blue wedding colour palette,Orange navy blue wedding |Mary Fields Photography
Mary Fields Photography
fall pumpkin wedding favors | Pumpkin Details | Autumn Wedding Inspiration
Orange navy blue wedding colour palette,Orange Bridesmaid Necklaces with Ribbon Necklaces - Wedding Necklaces
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  • Hi
    I am in the middle of a colour dilemma and was wondering if anyone out there could offer any advice or ideas! I have been thinking about having a dark blue colour scheme for our early November wedding next year. I’ve found this colour palette I really fallen into it. However, I worry if it will be too dark and too bold. Is anyone having a dark blue and orange colour scheme? 

    If so what other colours are you having and how are you using it in your wedding reception, wedding table decorations,flowers etc? Similarly, anyone having a dark blue wedding I’d be happy to hear from you too!

    Thanks X

  • I am having a navy colour scheme but for a winter wedding. I am combining it with Gold ,Silver and off white.
    For an autumn wedding, i think navy blue and orange or navy and gold would look lovely together.

  • We are having an od combination but it does seem to work. We are having baby blue, light pink ,chocolate brown and a rasberry colour! xx

  • We are having navy as our colour scheme and we get married October.
    Bridesmaids are in Navy blue one shoulder floor length dresses from Debenhams ,will all carry bouquest made up of pale blue hydrangeas including me. The guys will either be wearing grey or navy suits so it will all mix in nicely ( hopefully 🙂 )

    For our wedding reception cach table centre is a gold candelabra decorated with the same hydrangeas. I think it cheap to use flowers in season. And chair cover will be off white with nave blue sash.

    I say go for it if you like it I don’t think it matters whether its summer or winter its what you like ! My friend is getting married in winter and wants hot pink and bright green! xx

  • I think its a gorgeous colour for that time of year, I am also having plum/purple colour at my wedding, all different shades of purple & lilac.
    Love the colour.
    Louise xx

    • I think our wedding colour schecme a bit unusual! We’re Royal blue and dark purple.

      My dress is light gold “Eden” by Jenny Packham and bridesmaids are wearing mix shades of gold dresses,flowers i’m not sure about, leaving them up to my florist. xx

  • Ok I’m an October bride next year! Our colour scheme is Brown, burnt orange and maybe some plum and shades of dark purple in there aswell. We want our wedding looks very autumnal colours.

  • We’re going chocolate brown and raspberry pink! Hints of deep pink in the flowers, hot lips orchids, and maybe some chocolate colour ribbons to tie them!

    • Hi Emily,
      Me too i’m going for choc brown, orange and ivory with a small amount of red autumn leaves. doing the whole autumn leaves thing, hope it all looks nice together!

  • We’re having cream,champagne and gold. I’m not sure whether to go for a gold or champagne dress. I really like the dress by Sabina Motasem wedding dress but there is no colour that i wanted. Do you have any ideas?

    And for flowers will be cream with added gold bows to tie it all together…but my table decs are just going to be cream with other gold accents such as favour boxes etc.

  • All colours sound lovely, think we are going for orange and chocolate brown, maybe even chocolate orange cake.
    We are getting married on Halloween day, we want to mix pumpkins and flowers. Does anyone know of any brown flowers or deep dark orange????

  • I’m getting so excited reading everyones colours. Mine is Burgundy, Champagne ,gold and Ivory. For our flowers are going to be quite autumny – thinking of mainly deep red roses with some orangey ones and maybe even some berries and having some chocolate cake with oranges. 🙂

  • We’re going for midnight blue and burnt orange…I think for an Autumn wedding, all these wonderful, rich colours we’re all coming up with will be beautiful!

  • My daughter is getting married next september at a winery , they are doing burnt orange(Terra Cotta) and navy blue tuxes. She wants dark colored sunflowers with blue accents in all the flowers. table cloths will be a champagne color, white was to stark I love the colors together and the leaves will be turning by then. Have fun with it, its your day

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