What are the bridesmaids responsibilities,duties, roles wedding day

Who can be my bridesmaids?

The definition of a traditional bridesmaid is simply a woman who attends to the bride on her wedding day. However, bridesmaids are an integral part of the big day, and serve the ever-important purpose of ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Usually a few close friends, sisters, or female relatives of either the bride or groom fill the role of bridesmaids. If you have a lot of potential bridesmaids, list them all down and pick out which ones are closest to you, which ones you have known the longest and are most likely to help you with everything from wedding jitters to potential disasters.

There are no definite rules on the number of bridesmaids you should have, although most weddings do not have more than eight. Conventionally bridesmaid is supposed to pay for their own apparels.

They walk down the aisle and stand as instructed by the bride. During the reception they have to dance with the groomsmen and sometimes even asked to mingle, dance with unattached guests, keeping children occupied, and organizing the gifts on tables.


What are the bridesmaids responsibilities, The Bridesmaids’ Duties

4-6 months prior

  • Work with bride and chief bridesmaid to help choose dresses.
  • help with finding a location for the wedding; ordering flowers; organizing the theme of the wedding; picking out the invitations and addressing them etc.

1-2 months prior

  • Assist chief bridesmaid in planning the hen night party.

Week of the Ceremony

  • Assist chief bridesmaid with any last-minute arrangements (flowers, cake, decorations, etc.)
  • Attend wedding rehearsal.

Day of the Ceremony

  • Help bride and chief bridesmaid get ready for the wedding ceremony.
  • Stand with bride during ceremony.
  • Greet guests in reception lines.

Day after the Wedding

  • Return hire bride’s wedding dress or take the wedding dress back at the bride’s home.
  • Take care of all the possessions and gifts and transport them to the place assigned by the bride.


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